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Mosquitoes are an annoying pest that everyone has to deal with during the hot humid weather of the summer which not only cause an irritating bite, but can also carry serious diseases. There are many things you can do to limit the number of mosquitoes around your property besides staying in a screened in porch and spraying insect repellent all over your body. This article will describe a few methods to reduce the chances of getting bitten by mosquitoes.
Published by Daniel Snyder 83 months ago in Pests & Extermination | +19 votes | 3 comments
Ants are among the unwelcome creatures in your home. Seeing a trail of ants can be irritating, but not impossible to get rid of. If you are not comfortable using chemical insecticides in your home, particularly in your kitchen, here are some natural ingredients that can also help you get rid of ant invasion.
Published by Athena Goodlight 104 months ago in Pests & Extermination | +17 votes | 6 comments
The tiny insect called Silverfish can serve as an indicator of conditions on the home of leaking water pipes, drains or of excessive moisture. Although the damage silverfish inflict as they eat the cellulose and gums on wallpaper, textiles, and book bindings is small, it is damage nonetheless. Preventing silverfish damage is easy once you become aware of their presence.
Published by thestickman 100 months ago in Pests & Extermination | +16 votes | 13 comments
Bird deterrent fences are designed to discourage the perching and nesting of songbirds, nuisance birds such as starlings and pigeons in urban and residential areas. Helping to keep areas of human habitation and congregation clean and healthy, bird deterrent fences are an effective first line of defense: prevention.
Published by thestickman 106 months ago in Pests & Extermination | +11 votes | 1 comments
There are good pests and there are bad pests in your garden. Some tips on getting rid of the bad pests naturally.
Published by Sam Montana 124 months ago in Pests & Extermination | +11 votes | 20 comments
Household pests are unwelcome inhabitants in our homes. These little creatures bug us now and then, which not only irritate us, but also bring diseases to our homes. It is always good to know your enemy so you will be aware about how you can keep them off your house.
Published by Athena Goodlight 99 months ago in Pests & Extermination | +9 votes | 2 comments
I've had many experiences with different methods of getting rid of rollie pollies in our yard. Here are a few tips that have worked for me.
Published by Jeff Curtis 114 months ago in Pests & Extermination | +9 votes | 5 comments
Here are some tips for catching feral cats that have moved in where you don't want them.
Published by Kathleen Murphy 102 months ago in Pests & Extermination | +8 votes | 10 comments
There are many ways to get rid of, or discourage, mosquitoes from your backyard, many do not involve using dangerous chemicals. Learn natural ways of keeping mosquitoes controlled. How to control mosquitoes naturally. How to kill mosquitoes without using insecticides. What are some environmentally friendly ways of controlling mosquitoes.
Published by Kaleidoscope Acres 111 months ago in Pests & Extermination | +8 votes | 5 comments
What to do when a skunk is living under your house. How to get rid of a skunk. How to deter skunks from entering your property. What are some tips to keeping a skunk from returning to your yard. Who do I call about getting rid of a skunk living under my house? How to stop skunks living under my deck?
Published by Kaleidoscope Acres 84 months ago in Pests & Extermination | +7 votes | 5 comments
Got a mouse in your house? Rats in the alley? Cockroaches... ? It may not be as hard to rid your home of these pests as it sounds. One basic ingredient, something appealing to the pest and a little experimentation can rid your home of rats, mice and cockroaches with little money and less danger than any commercial product.
Published by Pat Veretto 86 months ago in Pests & Extermination | +7 votes | 5 comments
Identification and control of boxelder bugs inside the home and outdoors.
Published by Virginia Grant 99 months ago in Pests & Extermination | +7 votes | 6 comments
The little cockroach species that stay in our homes will bring big problems, particularly on health. As omnivore scavengers, domestic cockroaches eat almost anything, including cardboards and decaying garbage.
Published by Levy Dalumpines 101 months ago in Pests & Extermination | +7 votes | 2 comments
How to get rid of gnats. How did I get gnats?
Published by Ron Warner 108 months ago in Pests & Extermination | +7 votes | 2 comments
A quick tips how to guide on keeping the local wasp community down near your home and living area.
Published by Epic Strategist 109 months ago in Pests & Extermination | +7 votes | 3 comments
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