Do Fleas Die in the Dryer?
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Do Fleas Die in the Dryer?

Do fleas die in the dryer? Fleas are a persistent pest that are difficult to rid of in your home and on your pet. There are many natural and chemical products that can do the job. When you wash infected products in the home with real hot water and then dry them in a hot dryer, the fleas and their eggs will die as fleas do not like heat. Learn for sure the response and solution to the age old question, Do fleas die in the dryer?

Do fleas die in the dryer? Most often when you have pets, fleas and other pests can be a real annoyance. They may end up in the yard as well as the home as they hitch a ride on your favorite pet. Once they get into carpets and furniture they seem to continually multiply. Getting rid of the fleas is another problem. Do fleas die in the dryer?

Fleas go through four stages of metamorphosis, egg, larvae, pupae and adult and you may wonder, do fleas die in the dryer to get rid of them. Fleas range in size from ½ to 1/6 inch long, and they have no wings. They have very slender bodies that can get in to very tiny areas. Fleas can lay their eggs on their host (your pet) and get deposited on the floor and ground. They can lay eggs continually, up to 200 – 400 eggs. The eggs then develop into flea larva within a couple of days. The larvae look like maggots. They are difficult to vacuum up as they get caught in the fibers of the carpeting. Of course the fleas get in the furniture, bedding, dogs’ belongings and anywhere else they can get to. The best way to rid them of these items is to wash everything in hot water and know do fleas die in the dryer?

Flea control begins with the vacuuming as well as washing everything inside the home. Begin controlling any flea problem in late spring prior to an infestation. Among the flea problem of larvae, eggs and pupae, only 5% of them are adult fleas. It has been proven that heat does kill fleas, so the answer to "Do fleas die in the dryer" is yes.  In fact they do not like any type of heat and cannot live in sunny areas. There is no need to treat an area that gets at least six hours of sunlight.

In order to completely get rid of fleas in fabrics in your home, linens, bedding, rugs and mats need to be washed in very hot water and thoroughly dried in the clothes dryer. If wondering - Do fleas die in the dryer, the washer and the dryer does kill the fleas. In order to be sure the fleas die in the dryer, do not leave anything damp. The damp clothes are like a breeding ground for further flea infestation. It is imperative that the clothes are completely dried in order for the fleas in the dryer to die, including any possible eggs.

There are many chemical and natural flea products as well to use in the rest of the home for items that are not washable. It is important to get rid of the fleas in the entire house, on your dog and in the yard.  In order to know for sure - Do fleas die in the dryer, it may take up to six months to end the whole flea problem but persistence equal results.

Where do fleas come from?

Most people think that fleas only come from pets, but that is not true. Fleas can come from rodents that have been in the area around your home or in your home. Fleas can also come from people that have been around fleas and have them on them, much like bedbugs. If your pet has had fleas, the pet can spread the fleas all over the home.

How to Get Rid of Fleas

Other ideas to get rid of fleas include of course calling an exterminator, using a flea collar on your dog or pet, giving your pet flea pills, and using a fogger. A fogger is rather extreme, but might be what is needed.

For more ideas, check out this How To Kill Fleas website.

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Very informative article on fleas and flea control.

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me meme.....get a grip.
me meme.....get a grip.
This was extremely annoying to read. Why was it annoying to read? When I came to this article I came wondering one thing, "Do fleas die in the dryer?". So why was this annoying to read? I did not want to learn more about fleas. So why was this annoying to read? I do not care how many stages a flea goes through. so why was this annoying to read? DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHY IT WAS ANNOYING TO READ?! Please Susan Lee. Never EVER EVER do that again. You took a wikipedia article and edited it and added in "Do fleas die in the dryer" after every useless fact. so annoying!
To me meme,and ash ketchum ( if that is your real name. This is is an article, who cares if you got more than you expect and if you don't like it then shut the hell up. I guess you two share a room together...anyway enough wasted time on you. Great article and it answered my question.
Do fleas die in the dryer, this is horrible clickbait, do fleas die in the dryer. Do fleas die in the dryer, I'm adding this site to my leechblock list.
Also...Sometimes you don't get all the fleas from the carpet...TRY THIS...Get a pan of water, and put dish soap in it, when you go to bed put the pan of water in the middle of your carpeted room, put a lamp next to it, with the shade on....Leave the light on over night.....the fleas are drawn to the light and jump...when they jump they will go right into the water and can't get out because of the liquid soap...then see how many fleas are in the water ...Dead!!...then repeat until they are all gone!!
All you had to do was answer the question- All the other stuff was just waste of time- But thanks for finally answering it at the end- ah-
All I wanted was a simple answer. ye or no- but thanks for finally answering it at the end- smh- what a waste of time- why do people do that> ?